Many recruiters work across a specific industry with a focus on attracting talent with a defined set of disciplines and skills for organisations within that, so the term specialist is very commonly used within the world of recruitment.

If you see yourself as a specialist, what are you doing to really back that up?

Here are some top tips for enhancing your own personal ‘specialist recruiter’ brand:

1. Become a true expert on your specialist sector

Focus and research on a niche sector, know it better than anything else, sign up to groups, subscribe to blogs, set up Google alerts – basically utilise every avenue to really gain an in-depth understanding of the area you wish to be known as a specialist in.

2. Really understand the challenges and opportunities too

Your chosen specialism may not be one where you have ever worked so make sure you understand where there is demand for certain key skills and what those skills are. Whether its technical, soft skills or expertise in a particular discipline – make sure you have a comprehensive grounding in these so that you develop credibility with clients and candidates too.

3. Know your target audience/s

Identify your target audience/s and define how much time will be dedicated to developing your credibility as a specialist with each one – LinkedIn is not just for talent sourcing, used well it can quickly raise your profile with those audiences – see next point.

4. Network, network, network

Build referrals and your network within your niche, utilise LinkedIn as a tool to network daily with thought leaders, influencers, candidates and clients and really establish your specialism within this market. Comment on their posts, create your own posts to increase engagement – these should not be sales focused. Follow them on Twitter too if they are active on that platform. If you chosen industry favours other social media, or that is where your influencers are active then make sure you develop a presence there too.

5. Set your own KPI’s

Recruiters are all too used to KPIs, so why not create some of your own personal ones to help reach your goals in terms of building a specialist reputation within your chosen sector/s.

6. Identify ways to differentiate

If you recruit within a candidate-driven market, you need to provide both a service and a depth of industry knowledge that really differentiates you from your competitors. But that shouldn’t just be for clients. Treat good candidates like you do your clients – make them feel valued and be clear on what is important to them – get to know them so you really do match them to the best clients both culturally and by skills too. Remember in a niche market, candidates are likely to become potential clients in the not too distant future!

There is lots to consider if you really want to gain a reputation as a specialist within your chosen market/s.

If you are a recruiter or involved in the recruitment sector and any of the above are not how your consultant’s market their specialism then please get in touch. We would be delighted to arrange a brief call to establish any support we could offer – email me at