How do you instil company vision and values if your staff work in different locations?

Find out how one company were able to utilise bespoke training to create an inclusive culture.

Part of the worldwide Randstad organisation, Randstad Inhouse Services (RIS), specialise in providing bespoke end-to-end workforce management services to businesses throughout the UK. This means that when companies require a flexible, on-site delivery solution to help manage permanent or temporary workforces, the RIS team are able to provide that solution.

The Challenge

What this does mean is their 120+ employees are a very dispersed team, as their client base spans the whole of the UK. One of their key challenges as staff numbers have increased has been to ensure that new employees are made to feel like an integral part of the wider team.

Despite not working alongside their colleagues in one location on a daily basis, it’s critical that every individual understands the strategy, direction, values and embraces the high-performance culture of RIS. The thorough but more generic induction and training offered by Randstad’s internal trainers did not have the scope to focus on integrating people into specific divisional cultures in any depth.

The Solution

A range of bespoke training was introduced to include a RIS specific training program aligned to each level and role, which was developed with RIS HR. The focus was to ensure both new and existing staff were immediately introduced to the strategy, expectations of their role, values and high-performance culture of the organisation. This was designed to ensure all elements would be an integral part of working within the RIS team and onsite with clients.

The Results

  • Development of a range of RIS specific training modules, tailored to each level
  • Increased staff retention as more focus placed on the entire onboarding experience
  • Individual coaching programmes see significant personal development leading to promotion
  • Investment in specific RIS training is a catalyst for improvement across a number of areas
  • Internal customer audits show improved on-site customer service when training is a regular part of staff development
  • A scalable, tailored L&D resource aligned with the business is now a fundamental part of the RIS culture


After 4 years Dominic is an integral part of the RIS team, which has allowed him to become fully immersed in the values and culture of the business with the ability to deliver a tailored training or coaching module to resolve any issues. This has been fundamental in ensuring that every member of the RIS family, no matter where they are located, lives and breathes the values and fully embraces the culture.

“Dominic conducts each training session designed specifically for our business (not a cut and paste) and, has delivered training to RIS for some years now. This is undoubtedly a significant factor in how we have enjoyed considerable growth, increased our GP, operate, manage performance, plan time management and measure productivity. His in-depth knowledge of RIS ensures he can quickly understand and design a tailored module around any aspect identified, ensuring the key points relevant to a specific group are delivered. The feedback from the business is always extremely positive.”

Sally Cleary, Managing Director, Randstad Inhouse Services