What is stopping your company from growing?

Find out how one company were able to utilise coaching to contribute to their revenue growth.

Science Solutions Recruitment (SSR) was launched in February 2014 by Andrew Corness and Daniel Lloyd, both of whom had previously worked as specialists within large corporate recruitment companies. Since then the team has grown, with a third Director joining, as well as a team of specialist consultants.

The Challenge

The professional backgrounds of the three Directors were diverse and spanned different levels of seniority. When business growth and strategy were discussed, their experience, combined with hugely different personality types, meant the Directors each approached any issues from very different viewpoints.

There were two key areas to address. Firstly, identifying development and training needs that would allow each Director to operate together cohesively and, secondly, to review and align their very different communication styles.

The Solution

A management coaching programme and goals were agreed to address each Director’s individual needs to enable them to collectively operate as a team.

  • This required the Directors to be open to change and acknowledge any skills gaps that needed to be filled to allow them to run a company, rather than just work within it.
  • Some focus was given to the transition to the role of Director and the skills and behaviours required to operate as a team at this level.
  • The coaching was a combination of 1-to-1 and team driven sessions.

The Results

  • Coaching allowed them to collectively make informed decisions within minutes without question – ones that before they had not been able to make within 18 months.
  • They now have defined responsibilities for different business areas and are now working cohesively as a management team to achieve their business goals.
  • Clarity has been gained throughout SSR as each Director has a clearly defined role and responsibilities.
  • The coaching programme has been rolled out to their management to free up the Directors to focus on business strategy.


While many businesses see training as an expense which is not always easy to measure, the Directors at SSR do not feel like a penny has been wasted, as Dominic’s training has helped contribute to over 45% growth year on year in business revenue since inception.

“The first session of working with Dom was a defining moment in our business, our ability to communicate and addressing this was invaluable to us. Dom identified this need within minutes, and the leaps we have taken since were not possible without this and the subsequent training.”

Andrew Corness, Co-Managing Director, Science Solutions Recruitment