Assess, Define & Deliver PDPs

A UK wide recruitment company had identified a need to develop their national sales team to increase effectiveness and ultimately drive more new business opportunities.

A development day was designed and run which assessed each individual sales team member against a set of agreed core competencies – including business acumen, relationship building, communication and influencing skills to name a few. The day identified development needs for each individual within the team and resulted in a personal development plan being created for each person, aligned to the goals of the business.

These PDPs were then used to design a series of bespoke training interventions which included a mixture of classroom and 1-2-1 mentoring over a set period of time. This allowed for regular review and feedback with the team, with the focus on consistent alignment with the agreed PDP’s and the ability to regularly report on the team’s progress.

By creating a programme to assess, define and deliver PDP’s for the national sales team, two key outcomes were evident. The MD of the business was delighted with the results of this programme, seeing improved capability across the sales team and an increase in sales revenue generated by the group of 25% year on year.

All in all, Dominic has the knowledge, skills and attitude to provide an excellent training course. Using him will engage your workforce in a friendly and informative manner which will result in an inevitable increase in confidence for your workforce which will increase productivity in turn.

Recruitment Consultant in Aviation, Energy, Science, Construction and Technical

My team really benefited from Dominic’s extensive experience, his honest approach, relevant sales material and engaging delivery. I have been on many sales training days and he is by far the best trainer I’ve ever worked with.

Founder & Managing Director, Supply Teacher Recruitment Consultancy